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valentines day, this time last year


So what do single people do on Valentines Day? This time last year, my single ladies and I threw an invite-only moustache party, BOYM. Unsurprisingly, this acronym stood for “Bring Your Own Moustache”, not “Bring Your Own Man.”

Some days I feel as I used my time in England unwisely. Perhaps if I spent less time and effort of being the not-so-secret founder and president of the Single Ladies Club, which at the moment has quite the international reach despite its >10 members, and spent more time in other extracurricular activities, I wouldn’t be either attending an annual JiajangMyun Singles Awareness Day Party or spending a quiet night in studying. (Yes, studying.)

Just kidding about regretting my active involvement in the Single Ladies Club. The relationships fostered there will be with me forever and I can’t wait for our reunions.

Anyone else have good party ideas for Singles Awareness Day?