Incidents with Online Dating

When I made the online dating profile, I didn’t have very high hopes about it but one of my coworkers found his wife there (she’s a lawyer, he’s a director of a department) and another colleague who works for Yelp found her boyfriend (who works for Apple). This made me think that there were normal people with real normal jobs who frequented online dating sites.
I’ve been proved very very wrong.

you sound like a typical asian, minus majoring in Medieval Studies…I am guessing you were raised in a white family?

Not off to a good start there, saying that I’m a typical Asian (whether or not this is true is not the issue). No White Guy, I wasn’t raised by white people. Is it so bad to have varied interests and (attempt to) enter a field dominated by caucasian males?*
Here’s another that made me laugh (not in a good way):
Hi how are you
I was checking your profile and on it you said ; books:
olive oil
a good baguette
almond croissant
cool books
You know how to copy and paste! Good job. What the heck is that semi-colon doing there?!
And another:
Sarah, you majored in Medieval Studies? So without Googling it, I’m going to mess with you in the precise way that it sounds….I CHALLENGE YOU….TO A DATE! *slaps Sarah’s face with a glove*If you’re not smiling or laughing by the end of it, you can hang me.
If I leave you in awe, then you’ll let me unlock your chastity belt.=P
This was by far the worst. Leave me and my chastity belt alone. I’ve got a man-eating dragon, 1000 foot tower and acres of overgrown thorny rose bushes between me and your obvious ignorance in Medieval Studies and horribly inappropriate sense of humor. Online dating is already creepy– you don’t need to add to the creepiness.
Hi Sarah, how have you been? How is your weekend? It is a long weekend. I hope that you are enjoying it.
By the way sorry to keep bothering you.
I didn’t respond the first time, Carlos. I’m not going to do so now. Stop bothering me.
Omygosh guys.

forever alone meme

*this is changing though!