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korean shaved ice


A hot day, a Korean mama, some ice and red beans is a perfect recipe for …

shaved ice!

I always forget that February is still winter and go out wearing sandals because the sun is outside. Years of living in Southern California does that to people…


christmas day at julian

P1050832 P1050823 P1050806

Most people stay home on Christmas day.. for some reason, our family decided it was a great idea to do something fun and exciting. Too bad though, everyone else thinks it’s a great time to stay home so restaurants, shops, and cafés are all closed.

Why did we endure 2+ hour drive to Julian when the only thing that was open was the liquor store and the hiking trails?!

Sustained by lukewarm diluted apple cider, we thought it a great idea to attempt one of the hikes. No regrets about going to Julian on the 24th of December– the walk was good enough for me.


photo shoot with nathalie



A friend of mine is practicing her (already awesome) photography skills. I not unwillingly helped out this Saturday.


photo shoot with nathalie


Incidents with Online Dating

When I made the online dating profile, I didn’t have very high hopes about it but one of my coworkers found his wife there (she’s a lawyer, he’s a director of a department) and another colleague who works for Yelp found her boyfriend (who works for Apple). This made me think that there were normal people with real normal jobs who frequented online dating sites.
I’ve been proved very very wrong.

you sound like a typical asian, minus majoring in Medieval Studies…I am guessing you were raised in a white family?

Not off to a good start there, saying that I’m a typical Asian (whether or not this is true is not the issue). No White Guy, I wasn’t raised by white people. Is it so bad to have varied interests and (attempt to) enter a field dominated by caucasian males?*
Here’s another that made me laugh (not in a good way):
Hi how are you
I was checking your profile and on it you said ; books:
olive oil
a good baguette
almond croissant
cool books
You know how to copy and paste! Good job. What the heck is that semi-colon doing there?!
And another:
Sarah, you majored in Medieval Studies? So without Googling it, I’m going to mess with you in the precise way that it sounds….I CHALLENGE YOU….TO A DATE! *slaps Sarah’s face with a glove*If you’re not smiling or laughing by the end of it, you can hang me.
If I leave you in awe, then you’ll let me unlock your chastity belt.=P
This was by far the worst. Leave me and my chastity belt alone. I’ve got a man-eating dragon, 1000 foot tower and acres of overgrown thorny rose bushes between me and your obvious ignorance in Medieval Studies and horribly inappropriate sense of humor. Online dating is already creepy– you don’t need to add to the creepiness.
Hi Sarah, how have you been? How is your weekend? It is a long weekend. I hope that you are enjoying it.
By the way sorry to keep bothering you.
I didn’t respond the first time, Carlos. I’m not going to do so now. Stop bothering me.
Omygosh guys.

forever alone meme

*this is changing though!


winter retreat 2013

Is everything better with a familiar face?

After my youngest sister came up to the Bay Area for some schooling, I feel like I am reliving the past four year sans the bad parts: stress, constant fatigue, and anxiety about doing badly classes.

As a connoisseur of vicarious enjoyment, I love the feeling of feeding off someone else’s excitement and enthusiasm of the new while content in the knowledge that this is known territory, familiar grounds with no room for surprises.

We attended EBCB’s annual winter retreat together this time. Well, not exactly together as I only came part-time. Nonetheless, our brief five minute walk in the woods was perfect. Quiet, cool, surrounded by high-heeled trees, our comfortable silence was interrupted by welcomed soft giggles. Unspoiled by too long of an encounter, we left this short respite with a longing for more.


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valentines day, this time last year


So what do single people do on Valentines Day? This time last year, my single ladies and I threw an invite-only moustache party, BOYM. Unsurprisingly, this acronym stood for “Bring Your Own Moustache”, not “Bring Your Own Man.”

Some days I feel as I used my time in England unwisely. Perhaps if I spent less time and effort of being the not-so-secret founder and president of the Single Ladies Club, which at the moment has quite the international reach despite its >10 members, and spent more time in other extracurricular activities, I wouldn’t be either attending an annual JiajangMyun Singles Awareness Day Party or spending a quiet night in studying. (Yes, studying.)

Just kidding about regretting my active involvement in the Single Ladies Club. The relationships fostered there will be with me forever and I can’t wait for our reunions.

Anyone else have good party ideas for Singles Awareness Day?


hiking, our family activity


Whenever I am at home, our family takes lovely long walks. This isn’t because we all enjoy walking. No. It’s because we have a needy noisy dog that won’t stop begging to go outside once it hits 4:30pm. He’ll stare at us, paw at the door, and whine as if he’s been a prisoner of our spacious backyard for forty years.

Yet we all enjoy it. Thanks to the crashing of the housing market, there’s a few acres of land in our neighborhood that is left undeveloped. This entire neighborhood actually used to be a ranch, and I remember washing a handful of cows and horses grazing while my mom drove me to school when I was young. What’s left of that ranch is barren fields, a couple trees, and a flock of crows.

P1050685 P1050678


the folly of new years resolutions

I have a number of new years resolutions for 2013 which I had planned weeks beforehand. A few included cutting down on caffein, bad (delicious!) sugars, and white flour, as well as getting regular exercise and taking better care of myself.

Then along comes 1/1/2013 without much ceremony– at least for myself, as I was lying sick in bed 12/31/12– and I wander into a cafe. As I start placing my order, I think, “Okay, I can’t order my go-to Americano-no-sugar-no-milk, so I’ll get green tea.” Then I get a buttermilk currant scone also without thinking.

After devouring said scone and three-fourths into my cup of green tea, I realize what I had done.

Oh well.

There’s always 2014. (maybe!)


dating advice from beauty & the beast

Last night I pretended to be in college again by hanging out until 12:30am (so late for me now!) and watching a Disney movie, specifically Beauty and the Beast.

I haven’t seen this movie since I was a young child but always loved it because it has 1. books and 2. french people. Also, who can dislike this movie? The ugly guy gets to be pretty and the poor girl gets rich! Anyway, there is another component to this movie that makes it absolutely awesome: it can be used as a guide to the do’s and dont’s of dating. And of course, as a singleton I’m obviously obsessed with this topic.

Without anymore hullabaloo, let’s begin with the “Don’t”s:


1. Don’t bribe the manager of a mental hospital to institutionalize  your intended’s father until she marries you.

2. Don’t throw your intended into the family dungeons when she comes over to visit.

3. As a matter of fact, don’t throw your intended’s father into said dungeons either, at any point in time.

4. Don’t forget your table manners.

5. Don’t lose your temper. But if you do, and she runs into a dangerous situation because she was running away from you, save her. Now she’s indebted to you forever.


1. Do gift your intended with chocolates, flowers, and make promises you can’t keep (quote from Cogsworth)

2. Do give entire libraries and their contents to your intended.

3. Do keep your intended in your home against her will until Stockholm’s Syndrome takes effect.

4. Do lack the basic qualities of a civilized man, i.e. pretend to not know how to read. She can feel smart and you can spend time with her.

5. Do have friends (or lackeys) willing to help you in your quest for romance. They can do the hard work: create lavish dinners, prepare a ballroom, and otherwise generally set the mood.

Now, armed with these Ten Commandments of Dating According to Beauty & the Beast, go forth, conquer, and .. multiply.


paperless post, cute invitations for parties&events

I’ve been so busy with work and studying for accounting (why did I take this class?) that I’ve had so little time to do anything much. It’s been a bit hard to get my body accustomed to the schedule of the typical working man.

Though I’ve yet to receive my first proper paycheck, I’ve been fantasizing about… well, basically how I was going to spend it. For a long time now I’ve been dreaming of being able to throw various parties: dinner parties, cocktail parties, tea parties– if it involves food, let’s put “party” behind it and invite everyone! (well, perhaps not everyone .)

Not that I’m some kind of self-indulgent Marie Antoinette figure (despite the fact that I really want to throw this kind of party.) Nor do I plan on becoming a No-Marriage-No-Mortgage kind of person either.

All that now laid out in the open like a three-day-old carcass of a long-devoured wildebeest, I came across a wonderfully chic and cute invitations company called Paperless Post. They do both online evites as well as printed invitations (for a fee, of course).

These were so cute that I started planning parties half of which I probably will not even end of organizing. But couldn’t resist. See the gallery below for some drafts of imagined and hoped-for future events!


cross-eyed jumong