winter retreat 2013

Is everything better with a familiar face?

After my youngest sister came up to the Bay Area for some schooling, I feel like I am reliving the past four year sans the bad parts: stress, constant fatigue, and anxiety about doing badly classes.

As a connoisseur of vicarious enjoyment, I love the feeling of feeding off someone else’s excitement and enthusiasm of the new while content in the knowledge that this is known territory, familiar grounds with no room for surprises.

We attended EBCB’s annual winter retreat together this time. Well, not exactly together as I only came part-time. Nonetheless, our brief five minute walk in the woods was perfect. Quiet, cool, surrounded by high-heeled trees, our comfortable silence was interrupted by welcomed soft giggles. Unspoiled by too long of an encounter, we left this short respite with a longing for more.



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