the folly of new years resolutions

I have a number of new years resolutions for 2013 which I had planned weeks beforehand. A few included cutting down on caffein, bad (delicious!) sugars, and white flour, as well as getting regular exercise and taking better care of myself.

Then along comes 1/1/2013 without much ceremony– at least for myself, as I was lying sick in bed 12/31/12– and I wander into a cafe. As I start placing my order, I think, “Okay, I can’t order my go-to Americano-no-sugar-no-milk, so I’ll get green tea.” Then I get a buttermilk currant scone also without thinking.

After devouring said scone and three-fourths into my cup of green tea, I realize what I had done.

Oh well.

There’s always 2014. (maybe!)


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