paperless post, cute invitations for parties&events

I’ve been so busy with work and studying for accounting (why did I take this class?) that I’ve had so little time to do anything much. It’s been a bit hard to get my body accustomed to the schedule of the typical working man.

Though I’ve yet to receive my first proper paycheck, I’ve been fantasizing about… well, basically how I was going to spend it. For a long time now I’ve been dreaming of being able to throw various parties: dinner parties, cocktail parties, tea parties– if it involves food, let’s put “party” behind it and invite everyone! (well, perhaps not everyone .)

Not that I’m some kind of self-indulgent Marie Antoinette figure (despite the fact that I really want to throw this kind of party.) Nor do I plan on becoming a No-Marriage-No-Mortgage kind of person either.

All that now laid out in the open like a three-day-old carcass of a long-devoured wildebeest, I came across a wonderfully chic and cute invitations company called Paperless Post. They do both online evites as well as printed invitations (for a fee, of course).

These were so cute that I started planning parties half of which I probably will not even end of organizing. But couldn’t resist. See the gallery below for some drafts of imagined and hoped-for future events!


3 thoughts on “paperless post, cute invitations for parties&events

  1. hannah unnee says:

    GAHHH can you PREASE follow through and have the cocktail party, wine party and whatever the paris one is just because that invitation is cute!? i’d be happy to host one at our place as long as we have yummy foods and wear cute dresses. 😉

    • haha, of course! the cocktail/wine party *will* happen– just not sure in what form yet.

      thanks for opening up your place! as for yummy foods & cute dresses: OF. COURSE. I am also leaning towards a Jazz-Age Themed Party. 🙂

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