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matcha-almond génoise cake

I recently purchased a couple 5 x 2 inch cake pans so that I can make smaller cakes. Having baked for my family a number of years, I have come to the conclusion that whatever is made, no matter the amount, it will be consumed within 24 hours.

This, folks, is very scary.

Watching this cake get devoured was quite a sight!

But oh, what a light, delicate, and guilt-free cake! This Matcha Green Tea & Almond Génoise Cake was topped with stabilized and whipped heavy whipping cream and a sprinkle of green tea powder. The cake itself was moist and soft, like eating air but with calories.

The recipe came from this wonderful blogger: Sprinkle Cakes. Here’s the recipe if you want to try! (I strongly recommend you do).


6 thoughts on “matcha-almond génoise cake

  1. kim chi says:

    This looks delicious! I noticed the original recipe bakes in a sheet pan. Did you bake your batter in 5 inch round cake pans? I would love to try this recipe!

    • Hi Kim Chi,

      Yes, I baked these in 5″ round cake pans. Do try it! It’s delicious and super light.
      I used matcha green tea powder and not gel, so the flavor of green tea didn’t come out too strongly…

      Good luck and happy baking!

      • kim chi says:

        Thanks for your quick reply! Did you have to bake thin layers or did you just tort your cake layers? Sorry for all the questions. Your cake looks really delicious!

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