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Free-range Organic Backyard Chickens

the unsuspecting victims…

Today was D-Day, the day that we have all been waiting for in fear and anticipation. Today, we killed one of our chickens. A few months ago, before I left for England, we bought some baby chickens off the internet— (N.B., never type “chicks for sale’ on google search engine… it’s not what you’d think would come up!  😦  ). They were so cute, small, delicate… and grew slowly while I was away. My mom promised that by the time I came home for Christmas Break, she would kill & cook one for me. But my mom’s a city-gal, and although my dad grew up in a farm, it was a fish farm, and besides, he’s the most squeamish of all of us. And the three of us sisters have only seen chickens (and pigs & cows) in plastic coverings with all their skin removed. So, my mom asked one of her friends to come help us kill a chicken.

Apparently there are a variety of ways to kill a chicken. My favorite so far has been the full 360 degree turn— you got to do this fast so that you swing the chicken by its neck so quickly that it snaps. Our mom’s friend killed it by slow (and painful!) suffocation. The poor chicken got so scared in pooped on itself. And my dog ate it… Speaking of which, my dog was very exciting about the whole process. He’s quite well-behaved with the chickens now, and doesn’t attack them even when they’re running free in the backyard, but he got very very excited about the dying chicken.

The other chickens (five, now) are pretty traumatized. They became very silent… then suddenly, our rooster crowed a couple times— it was the first time he did so, and I think it’s quite sad that the cause was the fall of his coop-mate and not the rise of the sun. After we killed the chicken, we poured boiling water on its corpse and plucked the feathers off, then gutted it. While my sisters & dog & I went for our daily walk, my mother prepared a delicious chicken soup. 😀 yum.

our rooster, threatening my camera…

early morning, d-day.

‘yum, i want some~’

my baby ❤

my mom took a while in choosing the fattest one

death by suffocation.

the last moments of its life

de-feathering in process…

de-feathered & gutted!

chicken feet, anyone?

the scenic route…

our dog likes to run loose here

we found a dead rabbit on the road! death is everywhere!!!

walking back home…

rather ominous sunset…

delicious! free-range, organic chicken.

chicken stew, korean style


5 thoughts on “Free-range Organic Backyard Chickens

    • well, all of us felt slightly sick as we were eating it… but actually we have to eat all of them because when they have babies, they’re going to be obsolete. and we can’t have too many chickens in sd suburbs…

    • it’s my backyard, foo. just kidding. it’s this huge expanse of land that used to be a ranch but now is not being used for anything. so people just take walks there with their dogs. 😀

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