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Wine tasting

This week, I’ve joined Bacchus, the Oxford Wine Tasting Society— and I just came back from the first session on Bordeaux wines. The presenter, who was actually the marketing person for the company, came and walked us through the wines, the region of Bordeaux, and all the various intricacies of grapes, soils, different flavors/smells from each wine. Most of it went over my head, although I giggled quite loudly when he said one of them tasted like horse-sweat. Seriously? That’s just gross.

We tasted seven wines, and my favorite was a red wine that was the most expensive bottle at over £20. But I didn’t know that price before I decided to like it so that has to count for something, right? No horse sweat for me!

Next time, I need to bring food with me, because drinking wine on an empty stomach is such a bad idea… although I seem to keep doing it because of Oxford’s incomprehensible tendency to set up seminars/social gatherings at meal times sans food but with much alcohol. (Don’t worry HW, I could walk in a straight line to the toilets)

Before today’s session I thought I didn’t like red wine… but that might have been that I was drinking the wrong kind! The selections we had today were very good, especially the Domaine de Saint-Guiron, 2006, Pauillac (<– expensive wines from this appellation)!!! I can’t say anything about the bouquet, and it’s not really something I’d want to do as it seems a bit too pretentious (although some would fault me for even joining a wine tasting society in the first place… honestly though,  not that pretentious for Oxford.)

Best advice from the fancy-pants wine dealer? Drink wines you like. And pairing wines with food isn’t complicated: 1) Simple food, simple wines; 2) tannic wines don’t go well with salty food or chocolate or vinegar… and sweet wines don’t go well with chocolate either; 3) wines and food from the same region is usually a safe bet; 4) something else? I forgot…

Oh— and the best glass for drinking any time of wine are the tulip shaped ones. Don’t know why that’s true…but that’s what they say…

P.S. Sorry CP– I remember you asking if every post had to talk about alcohol… but it seems unavoidable. 😛

P.P.S. Is wine supposed to make you hungry? I was starving afterwards… next time, I will bring the olives/crackers/cheese/prosciutto and make it a meal. -___-

P.P.P.S. Tulip-shaped is not like the glass pictured on the left.


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